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House Concert terms and conditions

We would love to be able to give a house concert in any city in the world, but unfortunately that’s just not realistic for us (right now, at least!).

So, our compromise is thus — if you win this contest and you live in Victoria, Vancouver, Toronto, or any cities within a reasonable distance, we can make a house concert work. If you don’t, we’ll organize a Skype chat with you and Fintan and you can have your own, personal little concert.

If you do win the contest and live in a place where we can be, then keep in mind there will be certain requirements and restrictions re: hosting the concert — we’re pretty flexible, but it has to be in a safe environment, you can’t profit off the concert (ie: no selling tickets to the event) and we’d prefer to keep things cozy and intimate with a max capacity of 20-50 people.

If that all sounds good, then rock on!